Advantages of the product

  • easy intake (liquid) of a high concentration of active ingredients
  • also perfectly suitable for children (pleasant pear flavour)
  • fast increase of the vitamin D3 level
  • low daily therapy costs
  • easy to take along
  • as emulsionfully bioavailable via the lymph systems (avoiding the "first pass effect" via the liver)

innova Mulsin® Vitamin D3

innova Mulsin D3 1 drop contains 1000 IE = 25 μg D3
Contents: 10 ml = 240 drops

The contents of one bottle of Vitamin D3 Mulsin last for 8 months!

Recommendations for use:

1 drop a day (or following your doctor's advice)

We are pointing out that not all of these statements have been approved by orthodox medicine since there is a lack of placebo-controlled studies.